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unique, one of a kind pieces

Growing up as the child of an artist, independent Los Angeles based designer Laurel Koroncey Thompson spent her summers in the 70’s traveling around the country to art shows, piled in a van lined with shag carpeting, loaded with her mother’s artwork. Her whole family would haul the seemingly gargantuan paintings to the display booth and after setting it up, were free to explore the rest of the show. Laurel could always be found at the jeweler’s booths, studying the fascinating stones and sparkling metals.

Laurel says, “the jewelers were like rock stars to me. They would just breeze in with their perfectly feathered hair moments before the show started, single display case tucked under an arm, and nod good morning to us. As I stood there sweating in my rainbow disco shirt and culottes, I knew I had to become a jewelry designer.”
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Who are Isabella and Max?

“Isabella and Max are my kids and they want me to tell you that you look cute today.”

- Laurel Koroncey Thompson